derby spirits

For those who take their whiskey seriously, finding out about the newest flavors that are about to hit the market is always welcome news. That’s because loyal followers of this time-honored spirit are always looking for new ways to offer fresh takes on classic drinks. This is where Derby Spirits comes into play. In the coming months, the Nevada-based producer expects to release its banana-infused whiskey that’s sure to become your next go-to spirit when it’s time to mix a drink that your guests have likely never tried before.

First thing’s first: What is banana-infused whiskey? At Derby Spirits, it’s the end result of an advanced proprietary process that always involves fresh fruit. In fact, this company prides itself on the fact that fresh fruit is consistently used when infusing their whiskey with bananas. Such commitment to a quality product takes time, patience – and a fair amount of taste-testing along the way – but we’re certain that consumers will appreciate the difference in the end. Overall, the infusion process is one that involves the prolonged submersion of your flavoring of choice with whiskey. It may seem straight-forward, but operation like Derby Spirits have gotten the mass production of their banana-infused blend down to a science. This is one of the reasons why the company is working in tandem with global hospitality leaders in the nightlife and restaurant sectors to ensure that their product will be easily found at bars across the country. It’s clear that banana-infused whiskey is quickly becoming a go-to drink for those who want something that stands out in the sea of Manhattans and Old Fashions. That’s because Derby Spirits thinks there just aren’t enough fruit-infused spirits on the market that put fresh products to work. Thus, the release of its own special blend in the first quarter of 2018 will work to narrow the gap.

Once available to the public, Derby Spirits is certain that its banana-infused whiskey is going to be one of the smoothest drinks that consumers will be able to get their hands on. In the meantime, we encourage you to keep your eyes peeled for upcoming suggested cocktail recipes that will go great with this banana-infused blend.